Bilbao's Puppy:  making a house a home.

Bilbao's Puppy: making a house a home.

A house is a home when it has a house pet. True? True. The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum that houses an art collection of significant international artists needed (according to Jeff Koons) a dog.  Koons who was was engaged by museum, struck on the idea of a West Highland terrier (Koons owns a terrier). With his computer Jeff Koons created and executed a mega floral patchwork of bedding flowers. A living sculpture  of ever-changing colour and texture  in step with the seasons.

This immense floral canine, guards the entrance  of Gehry’s architectural masterpiece on the museum's plaza entry. As it transpired in 1997, the puppy needed protection. Disguised as gardeners, ETA separatists approached the sculpture with  the intent of blowing it up with remote-controlled grenades (yes) planted in flower pots. The drama that unravelled cost the life of  policeman Jose Mariá Aguirre. The explosion was prevented. Now the Guggenheim Museum and Koons' Puppy officially stand on the Aguirre Plaza.

The Bilbao Puppy was one of a litter. Koons work went on tour and exhibited in many countries from Germany to Australia,  and some examples found new permanent owners and homes.  

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