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The Living Hedge

More than most other Europeans Austrians have the strongest urge “to barricade ourselves behind a hedge” say Anton Starkl  famous Austrian nursery dynasty.   Even the smallest front yard, of the smallest section has one. “Austria is the country of the hedge” (Starkl). 
Behind our own green walls we instinctively feel safer, better. 

Dragons and Red faced Monkeys

Exuberant colour explosions with leaf showers of awe-evoking pattern and texture, Japan’s most revered trees stand apart from all others. These grand masters of virtuosity can suffer neglect and still deliver throughout the seasons, head-turning displays.

Astonishing Onions

Onions add spice to meals and can perk up the garden too. The lesser-known members of the onion family, the “ornamental onions" have sparkle and glamour. For a spectacular spring-summer show, plant bulbs in flowerbeds and pots in September.